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Robin Boeykens2 years ago

Niki drage

Robin Boeykens2 years ago

Niki Drage, sorry Niki :-)

Clare Mckensey2 years ago

Thanks so much for this video Niki, there is so much in it that is common to a lot of us agility nutters eg only being in front at the start-line. The information on the OMD is incredible and I initially found the amazing runs I was watching well beyond my comprehension, but slowly as I start learning the individual techniques I am recognising more and more. Thank you for your encouragement and hope my 3yo working Kelpie and I get to meet you face to face one day.

Niki Drage2 years ago

Hi Clare, Thanks so much for your kind feedback! I'm so glad that you enjoyed my story and that you can identify with it too. You will find it easier and easier to pick up and recognize things from the videos and before you know it, it will all become second nature just like it did for me. I would love to meet you and your kelpie in person some day, who knows! :)

Claire Stalker-Booth3 years ago

Hi Niki Your story is awesome! I have had the pleasure of being at a novice seminar you ran. I had a lot of light bulb moments in that two hours. I loved how supportive you were. I also remember how supportive every participant was that day. It was with your encouragement that I signed up for the online learning and felt brave enough to post a question/advice seeking in the forum. Thanks again for sharing, especially how others were responding when you started using the methodology in trials. I had a negative moment from one person but another when explaining a certain style of cross at my club training had seen me do it and got me to demo it to our group. It was your great work with me at the seminar that made this particular cross make sense and has given me the confidence to use it when appropriate for my dog.

Niki Drage3 years ago

Hi Claire, Thanks for the lovely feedback :) I had a great time meeting you and your awesome little Cavs! Great to hear you are gaining confidence in your handling and have joined the online service, I hope you are enjoying learning a lot from all the handling technique videos!

Claire Stalker-Booth3 years ago

Yes the videos are great. Working my way through them. The content is bobbing away in my head and will then go back and watch again before breaking down the techniques to learn them before adding the dog. 😃

Catherine Thomas3 years ago

I loved this! Listening to your story and watching you "evolve" in the condensed time of the video reminded me to be PATIENT with my own journey :) I have lots of lovely supportive people in my life but I am a distance away from them and it just isnt possible to be in any regular lessons. The closet OMD trainer is in the States, about six hours away and has a hectic life. I had so hoped to attend the OMD camp in Ontario in September ... but I think the cost (would have to fly) would just be prohibitively expensive. SO the only answer really is teaching myself. You provided a superb "template" on how to do that in this video. I could HEAR the emotion/passion in your voice as you spoke about your journey - AWESOME - I am sure the best is yet to come for you and your lucky students :)

Niki Drage3 years ago

Thanks Catherine :) I am so glad that I am able to inspire other people, it really is possible to do it all for yourself as long as you work hard enough and want it badly enough :)

Kyley Conder3 years ago

Awesome Niki love it

Niki Drage3 years ago

thanks Kyley

Diana Chapman3 years ago

I really enjoyed your story, and some of it felt familiar. I became totally obsessed with OMD when I first joined the pack over two years ago. I received a lot of negative comments and criticism from the group I trained with, bad enough that I dropped out of the group. It didn't stop me, and I mostly train alone now and I am very happy with that - I have OMD and the wonderful coaches and videos. My young dog got his first championship title soon after his third birthday - all thanks to OMD. And, thank you Niki, for all the responses to my questions on the Forum. Wish I had a coach like you!

Niki Drage3 years ago

That's great to hear Diana, good on you for sticking with it :) You do have me as a coach, just not face to face!

Lynn Sickinger3 years ago

I loved your video. Thank you for joining the OMD team and sharing your story. It was inspirational.

Niki Drage3 years ago

Thanks for the lovely feedback Lynn :D

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