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New Feature: Courses in Progress & Lessons Completed

You can now check to see what courses you have started and how far you have progressed through them to keep track of your learning journey! You can also see how many lessons you have completed out of the total lessons available on the site!

How do you check the progress of your courses and lessons?

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. You will see the lessons you have completed shown in the overview, click the number to start a new lesson!
  3. To check your progress in the Online Learning Program courses, scroll down and click the “Courses in progress” link. The list of courses will show up with a percentage to show you how far through the course you are.

You should also check out the other new features we put on the new dashboard! Like bookmarks and a list of your recently viewed videos and articles!


Go to your dashboard!


How to get access to all videos, articles and courses?

Go Premium!