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OneMind Dogs in media:

5/3/2019 Good News from Finland

5/2/2019 Good News from Finland

3/26/2019 Aboa Advest

3/12/2019 Theory of Pets Podcast


9/15/2016 Over Age

9/15/2016 All Gay Network

9/15/2016 Ask Tran

9/15/2016 InUSANews

9/15/2016 The Huffington Post

9/13/2016 MNI Alive

9/13/2016 So I Will Run 

9/12/2016 News Time Global

9/12/2016 Dolphin Six

9/12/2016 FX Tribune

9/12/2016 InUSANews


8/22/2016 Times News

7/17/2016 NJ Dog Blog

7/15/2016 South Florida Insider

7/15/2016 Macan Crew

7/13/2016 Travelife

7/13/2016 The Herald Dispatch

7/13/2016 Newsbout

7/4/2016 The Bradenton Times

7/4/2016 WLHR 92.1 [Radio]

7/3/2016 WFMK 99.1 [Radio]

7/3/2016 WPVI-TV (ABC)

7/2/2016 Motherhood Moment

7/2/2016 Salisbury Post

7/2/2016 Ozarks First

7/2/2016 Press Reader

7/1/2016 Blue & Gold Realty Team Real Estate News

7/1/2016 Woman Around Town


7/1/2016 Mile High Gay Guy

7/1/2016 Other People's Pets

7/1/2016 Libertan

7/1/2016 Bless Their Hearts Mom

7/1/2016 The Writer's Dog

7/1/2016 Shark 105.3 (WSHK-FM) [Radio]

7/1/2016 Blogarama

7/1/2016 The Reporter

7/1/2016 KXAN (NBC)

6/30/2016 My Favorite Pup Jasmine

6/30/2016 Just Joanna

6/30/2016 Macaroni Kid

6/30/2016 Houston Chronicle 

6/20/2016 Sussex County NJ

6/20/2016 FX Tribune

6/20/2016 One News Page 

6/17/2016 Joy of Living

6/10/2016 Top Notch Material


4/12/2016 NJ Dog Blog

2/25/2015 OneMind Dogs on the website of Finnish Embassy in Washington 

2/11/2015 in the Dogworld magazine 

1/23/2015 mentioned on the website

1/15/2015 in Radio Nova (no podcast available)

1/14/2015 on the Good News from Finland website 

1/13/2015 on the Arctic Startup website

1/10/2014 in the Swedish local news - stating at time 3:18 

9/10/2013 OneMind Dogs was assigned with the Design from Finland symbol

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