Lateral Push [video]

Learn a handling technique called the Lateral Push. It is a useful technique when you need to get ahead of your dog to reach the next critical point of the course on time. A Lateral Push comes in handy for example in opening sequences of courses.


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Megan Foster3 years ago

Stacy, Yes, I would still lead out in a way that at least draws my dog's focus forward to the obstacle, even though I can't touch it in competition. My dog Smack doesn't "need" it, but I do it to remain consistent from training to trialing.

Stacy Richards3 years ago

Hi, Super Video! Q. When do you stop walking around the obstacles and marking it with your hand? Would you still do that if it was in a lead out situation in competition? Cheers Stacy

Niki Drage3 years ago

Hey Stacy! Mari still continues to do this with her dogs in competition if she is doing a lateral lead out :)

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