Jaakko Turn vs. Reverse Spin

What are the main differences between these two handling techniques?

Putting it briefly, Jaakko Turn and Reverse Spin are used for different purposes and in different kind of situations. A Jaakko Turn is useful when you need your dog to do a really tight turn. A Reverse Spin, on the other hand, is used when you need to just make an adjustment to the dog's line, or to eliminate off-course obstacles from his direct view.

There is also a difference in how you prepare the dog for the turn. A slow down cue is always required for a Jaakko Turn, whereas in the Reverse Spin no rhythm change is needed. In the Jaakko Turn the handler is in front of the wing, on the take off side of the obstacle.

You can learn more from the OneMind Dogs handling technique videos which guide you through the teaching stages of each handling technique in great detail. You also get to see what the most common mistakes related to the subject in question are, which makes it easier for you to pay attention to the relevant points.



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Pam White2 years ago

I had a turn to make on a course at the weekend and there was a very inviting off course tunnel at the landing side of the jump... I pleased to say that I spotted the option for a reverse spin (although I struggle to remember of the names of the techniques and had to look it up later!!) - It worked beautifully as my dog knew to turn and come back in the direction I was facing, towards the correct obstacle line, and not take the tunnel.... She generally jumps long and turns wide so I'm currently working on finding clearer cues for her on courses. Super to read/watch this article and understand why it worked! Thanks!

Jenni Leino2 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing this Pam! I'm happy to hear that you found Reverse Spin, it's a really handy tool to have in your handling toolbox when you have a dog that reads the course well :-)

Reegan2 years ago

I used the Jaakko on the weekend and with success and was just so excited to use it as a novice handler

Jenni Leino2 years ago

That's great Reegan! Do you have a video :)

Reegan2 years ago

I was very excited. Here is the novice agility course . We didnt qualify as I forgot how to handle after the a frame .. I pulled myself back together and The Jaakko is just before the weaves

Jenni Leino2 years ago

Yay, great job Reegan!

Reegan2 years ago

Thankyou 😊, Iam so much more confident now to used it on course

Jenni Leino4 years ago

@Diana Chapman We have finally published an article about this issue, check this out Diana :)

Diana Chapman5 years ago

Great! I'll look forward to that.

Jenni Leino5 years ago

@Diana Chapman That's a great question Diana! Definitely worth a Q&A article of its own :-) We'll get back to you on this one!

Diana Chapman5 years ago

It is often said that a slow down cue is needed, but are there different kinds of slow down cues besides deceleration?

Niki Drage5 years ago

Great thanks, I've always felt the difference between the moves but not been sure how to describe it to others, this helps a lot :)

Rochelle Jager5 years ago

Excellent! Thank you for this. Was wondering exactly the answers to those questions :D

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