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A Front Row Seat In A OneMind Dogs Seminar - A New Video Series!

There’s no easier way to attend a OneMind Dogs seminar than sitting on your couch and watching one online!

Now everyone has the opportunity to attend to a OneMind Dogs seminar!

Leading OneMind Dogs Coaches Janita Leinonen, Jaakko Suoknuuti and Tuulia Liuhto coach an international group of handlers in the new video series that has been filmed during the International Training Weeks that took place in Finland.

The handlers and their dogs traveled to Finland from all over the world to have fun and learn more about agility from the dog’s perspective. The coaches’ introductions to the exercises are in depth explanations of different topics such as understanding the dogs’ lines better - what is reality and what is fantasy? When is it necessary to take risks on the course? When should you help your dog in any way that you can? How can you improve the execution of some handling techniques to make your handling even more clear to your dog?

The International Training Week videos include a lot of different types of handlers and dogs performing the exercises. Each team has their own strengths and weaknesses, which allows the viewer to see a wide variety of learning situations. You might even recognize some of the handlers on the videos - many OMD Coaches and Assistant Coaches have participated on the International Training Weeks!

The coaches speak English on the videos, and with printable course maps, it is easy for you to do the same exercises at home!

The new International Training Week video series begins in January 2017. As a OneMind Dogs premium member you will get to view a new seminar video every week!



Michaela Ersae

Super !! Looking forward to this !

1 year, 5 months ago

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