International Training Week - Backside Send to a Blind

In this episode of the International Training Week video series, you will learn how to do a Blind Cross after a Backside Send.


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Pam White8 months ago

I don’t think so - in the German you do not perform the blind until the dog has landed and you have moved off in the direction of the take off side of the jump - handler looks at the dog until take off and then moves around the wing and then performs the blind as the dog comes around. In the video above the blind is made by the handler before take off and the direction is away from the take off point, not towards it. I think😊👍

Philippe Vosters8 months ago

Is this not a German turn?

Stacy Richards8 months ago

Hi Phillippe, here are two photos to show you the difference between the lines that the German and Backside Blind make.

Stacy Richards8 months ago

Ok sorry but I can’t see where to add photos 🤔🤔

Stacy Richards8 months ago

The German is for the S type line for the dog. The backside blind line the dog takes is not as sharp ending of the S.

Niki Drage8 months ago

Good question Philippe, in German the dog wraps the exiting wing and continues on the take off side of the jump. In backside Blind the dog slices and continues in extension on a straight line or with a slight turn from the landing side of the jump as you can see in this video

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