International Training Week - Practicing Pull Throughs

In this episode of the International Training Week video series, you will learn how to handle pull throughs.


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Angie Sunderland11 months ago

I love how clesr the explanation is!

Cornelia Kluck or Connie11 months ago

I love this lesson!❤️🐼

Stacy Richards11 months ago

Is there a difference between a False Turn and a Pull Through? Thanks

Niki Drage11 months ago

Hi stacy, the False Turn is a handling technique used to cue a pull through, pull through is a situation on a course rather than a handling technique. You can also handle a pull through with different techniques such as a Japanese for example.

Stacy Richards11 months ago

Thank you, that makes sense. So would a Threadle also be a situation on course?

Cornelia Kluck or Connie11 months ago

Thank you for this question, Stacy! I am also wondering about the terminology, when people use it... 🤔

Megan Foster11 months ago

Yes, a threadle is a situation on course.

Cornelia Kluck or Connie11 months ago

Thank you, Megan! Living in a bushy back water in Australia and only learning OneMind Dogs Agility online, I have no exposure to anything else! Being from nonEnglish speaking background does not help either! 😄❤️🐼

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