International Training Week - Practicing the Reverse Wrap

In this episode of the International Training Week video series, you will learn how to perform a Reverse Wrap.


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Stacy Richards8 months ago

This is great info

Phil Seyer8 months ago

I do not see where the video explains that the "outside arm" (non-dog-side armO) was first developed for dogs who are easily slicing the jump. You may want to clarify that.

Niki Drage8 months ago

Hi Phil, This is a great video explaining how the outside arm and the squaring up helps dogs that slice: Next time we update the technique teaching videos we will be sure to emphasise the importance in using the dog side arm for those dogs that need help to square up in front of the jump, and the fact that it may not be as necessary for dogs who easily turn and jump square naturally like the one in this video. These are the sorts of things we often discover and adapt when we train with our students so they are not always included in the original videos. That’s why these International Training week videos are so useful, they build on the basic understanding. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

Niki Drage8 months ago

In this video at 2:11 jaakko explains that the outside arm was originally meant to help those dog’s that slice 🙂