If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

In only 12 months of competing with her two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Canadian OneMind Dogs pack member Rae Staseson and her dog Cody qualified for Nationals in Langley, British Columbia!

Rae says “In June 2016 I started competing with both my dogs, and it has been an incredible year of learning, training, competing, making new friends, and having a great deal of fun. I have two dogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and they are smart, fast, and happy dogs in the ring.”

Rae and her dogs faced a few challenges when first starting out in agility together, Rae explains “My boy, Cody, has been challenging because he is often in ‘overdrive’ and highly aroused in competition. He is sometimes way ahead of me, choosing his own path, and knocking bars down. I dropped him down a height level in April because I was overcompensating for the knocked bars and was “jogging” around the ring tentatively like a robot, very afraid to move wrong, say something that would distract him, or make a line that was impossible for him to jump clean. This turned out to be a good decision and we are improving. It has been a huge learning experience and I am excited about where we will be this time next year.”

Rae has been a OneMind Dogs Premium member since 2016 and she has learned a lot from studying the hundreds of online lessons and articles “Our connection is much better, I am more aware of my body position, and I am starting to understand better handling options, now that I can identify them!”.

Rae had a very successful first year of competing and to her delight “The crazy thing is that Cody qualified for Nationals! So we headed to Langley, British Columbia to compete in early August. I never ever would have imagined we could have achieved this in less than a year in the ring! We are very new at this sport, but it was a fantastic experience to attend such a big event and see so many impressive teams. We finished with two 10th places and a 5th! our first Nationals, and only in the ring for a year, so very pleased, and honestly, we did not finish last...that was a goal. Nationals was a huge learning experience for Cody and myself and we really shifted in our abilities after that competition.”

Rae later contacted us to show her appreciation for the OneMind Dogs website which has helped her achieve these amazing results in such a short time “Thanks OneMind Dogs for your great site, and all the helpful information that has guided me in so many ways. I appreciate such valuable support in our agility journey.”

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Cornelia Kluck or Connielast year

Beautiful team! Gorgeous little dog with so much enthusiasm!

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