How To Move Your Feet In Dog Agility?

“I can’t get there, my dog is so much faster than me”. The secret of “making it” on an agility course is actually not a matter of speed, it’s a matter of timing, commitment and technique.

The importance of the agility handler’s footwork is easily overlooked when learning handling techniques. In each handling technique, every single step you take matters; they should seamlessly take you to your next position on the course without wasting any excess steps. If you are not a very fast runner, it is even more important to learn to move efficiently and smoothly on the agility course.

There are many ways to practice footwork; visualizing training in your mind or even just at home as you move from one room to another. When you practice your steps to a point where they are automatic on the agility course, everything will happen naturally when you execute different handling techniques and you no longer need to think about what you do with your feet.

We created a new series of short videos that focuses on the handler’s footwork and understanding the line each technique creates for your dog.

The first video is now out and available for our Premium members!


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Cindy Chaytor 2 years ago

How much?

Niki Dragelast year

Hi Cindy, you can see all the premium membership options at