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How To Get Started On The Website?

“I just became a OneMind Dogs premium member. How can I get started on the website?”

1. Study the history and philosophy behind the OneMind Dogs methodology

The best way to do this is to:


2. Teach basic skills to your dog

Dogs love learning new things. Before you start practicing new things with your dog, take a minute to watch this video to get a clear picture of how many repetitions are needed.

If you have a puppy or a beginner dog, or if your advanced dog’s foundation skills need some enhancing, you can try these:

  • Foundation training exercises: A solid foundation gives your dog the best possible start for a future career in dog sports. You won’t need any obstacles for practicing these skills, you can do them almost anywhere!
  • Obstacle training: The more independently your dog performs obstacles, the more possibilities you have, as a handler, to get through various sequences and courses. Begin obstacle training by watching the Jump video, which demonstrates one of the most important OneMind Dogs basic exercises - offering a jump. This exercise makes it a lot easier to teach other obstacles to your dog later on.
  • Hu’s blog: Follow all the training of Mari’s Kelpie Hu, from her first arrival as a pup to advanced technique and obstacle training as an adult.
  • Online Learning Programs: Take a structured program focused on a specific topic such as weaves or the Front Cross.


3. Visit the fascinating world of handling techniques

The more handling tools you have in your toolbox, the easier it will be to perform any kind of challenges you might face with your dog on course. The majority of the 30+ handling techniques OneMind Dogs currently uses are purely natural reactions by the dog to the handlers' cues. It is you, the handler, who needs to study a bit first, your dog already knows what to do.

You can start practicing handling techniques even with a puppy, just keep the bars low and training sessions short.

How to start learning the techniques and how to move on to applying the techniques in a sequence? Find step by step instructions here: Steps To Master A Dog Agility Handling Technique.


4. Looking for more advanced challenges?

We’ve got a lot of different options to offer you!

  • Course Training category is filled with exercises for different level handlers and dogs: Technique application training, technique quizzes, sequencing, course training… New exercises come up on weekly basis.
  • Next Level: See students being coached in real seminars and learn by watching! Next Level seminars feature a variety of techniques and skills so you learn something new every time.
  • Hu’s blog: Follow all the training of Mari’s Kelpie Hu, from her first arrival as a pup to advanced technique and obstacle training as an adult.
  • Training Challenges: Push your team by completing training challenges that help you think outside the square. Watch and share videos from other pack members for inspiration!


5. Connect with like-minded people

Want to share your experiences in training and read what other OneMind Dogs handlers are practicing? Visit the Discussion forum and get to know people from all over the world who share your passion for dog training and agility!


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