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Happy New Year 2017 from OneMind Dogs!

OneMind Dogs had a great year 2016, and it is all because of you. Thank you so much for being part of the OneMind Dogs Pack! Together we will make the journey even better in 2017!

People from all around the world get together at OneMind Dogs website regularly - from over 140 countries to be exact! A year ago we launched a discussion forum designed specifically for the amazing OneMind Dogs Pack, and we now have an active community with lively daily conversation about dogs and especially dog agility. At the forum you can share ideas, ask questions, share your training videos and chat with other pack members. If you have not visited the forum yet, we warmly suggest you to have a look and jump into the conversations!

The OneMind Dogs community is growing each year. Only on Facebook we now have over 85 000 fans and pack members and we think that’s awesome!

We are grateful and excited that we can connect all these amazing people, who aim to learn to understand their dogs better, and have fun in training with them.


Developing the Service

OneMind Dogs’ ultimate goal is to help people understand their dogs’ natural behaviour. To reach this goal, we need to work both online and in a real face-to-face environment. Online learning offers amazing tools and possibilities, not only to learn and develop skills, but also to communicate with other people with similar interests across geographical boundaries.

Together with your help we have been developing all the OneMind Dogs tools and services. We want to thank you all for all the feedback and support! In 2017 we are aiming to enhance the tools and the service further so please, keep sharing your comments and ideas with us!

In 2016 we have added multiple technical features to the online service. We want to highlight some features that we think are super nice and important, but also give you the greatest value:

  • Step-by-step, easy to follow online programs and courses in different themes
  • Discussion forum where you can discuss with other OneMind Dogs pack members and ask questions
  • Interactive chat where our customer service is available for you at all times, just by clicking the chat bubble in the right hand corner of the website
  • Notifications - now you can see in one glance what’s new at the site!


Spreading the Word Worldwide

We take a great deal of pride and joy in teaching our philosophy and spreading the word of OneMind Dogs. For many people, the online environment is sufficient to develop skills using videos and interacting with the community. However, we at OneMind Dogs want to offer also opportunities for face to face meetings and learning. We are so thankful for opportunities to get to know new people, spread understanding of the OneMind Dogs method and – the most exciting part – see the happy faces of students with their dogs in each training session. Seeing the results in our students’ teamwork with their dogs is incredibly rewarding. Fluent cooperation in handling the course is pure poetry.

OneMind Dogs Coaches gave seminars in tens of different countries this year and we also continued the development of a global network of agility coaches by inviting 30 new Assistant Coaches to our international coaching team!

In September we organized an OneMind Dogs CAMP in Canada! The camp was an event packed with dogs, agility and positive attitude. Read about Liza’s experience what it is to attend a camp as an auditor!


Highlights on the website

The OneMind Dogs website has grown from a collection of a few videos and articles into an amazing agility library in just three years! Videos about agility foundations, obstacle training, handling techniques and challenging coursework as well as articles about mental training are just among a few topics to mention.

In 2016 we launched our first online training programs and theme courses that offer a structured way of learning. Each lesson of the programs and courses contains a quiz so that you can test your understanding of the lesson content. You can also mark which lessons and programs you have completed along the way, allowing you to track your progress. Our most popular training programs and courses are:


Training program: OneMind Dogs Method

The OneMind Dogs method courses will teach you everything you need to know about how to see agility from your dog's perspective, how to use the seven elements of handling and what skills you and your dog need to be amazing in agility. You will have all the knowledge you need to start learning the OneMind Dogs handling techniques in the following courses!


Training program: Agility for Puppies – In Their Own Language

Many of you have asked how to start your agility journey with a new puppy. You can now find a program on starting agility training with your new puppy on our website!

The lessons of our agility for puppies program consist of short articles and demonstrations on video. The lessons are super simple - all you need to do is to follow the step by step instructions.


Theme course: Take Your Front Cross To The Next Level

Front Cross is one of the first handling techniques ever invented, but still the most difficult technique to execute correctly from the dog's point of view. To be able to continue smoothly to the desired direction after the jump, the dog should get the necessary information about the turn well before takeoff.

This course will offer you information about the correct execution of a Front Cross, and exercises where you can practice applying Front Crosses on a course.


Popular posts of 2016

Taking a look back, here are the TOP3 of the most interesting content of 2016:

  1. Quiz: How Well Do You Understand Agility From Your Dog's Perspective?
  2. List of the OneMind Dogs Handling Techniques
  3. Our Master Agility Handling Techniques Ebook


The most viewed videos of 2016

  1. OneMind Dogs Methodology video
  2. Front Cross [video]
  3. False Turn [video]


2017 - The journey continues, together with you!

The mission of OneMind Dogs is to enjoy our journey with our dogs. A life with dogs is full of fun and happiness; especially when we know how to listen to the dogs. Together the entire OneMind Dogs Pack helps to make the journey special!

We are working hard to develop our online service even further with the help of the feedback that we have received from our Pack Members. Do you want to help us to improve the service? Let us know more about your experience and opinion concerning OneMind Dogs and the online service! Connect our customer service via the chat window at the site (LISÄÄ LINKKI) and visit the discussion forum to share your thoughts!

OneMind Dogs Coaches Tuulia and Timo Liuhto are touring the US for the spring 2017. Check out the latest updates of the tour here.

The online service makes it now possible to attend a OneMind Dogs seminar also from your home! We are just about to launch a new video series that has been filmed during the International Training Weeks in Finland. The handlers and their dogs traveled to Finland from all over the world to have fun and learn more about agility from the dog’s perspective.


Thank you!

You’ve been so active in sharing your thoughts, videos and ideas - and that is what makes OneMind Dogs what it is.

We want to thank everyone for participating in the OneMind Dogs community; online, in the real world, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and elsewhere. We are so happy to have so many in our pack!


Your story?

We aim to promote and extend different aspects of agility. This includes publishing articles and interviews from across the globe – and providing a platform for you to share your world with us.

How do you see agility? What is the story behind you or your friend? How people live the agility lifestyle in your hometown or country? How has OneMind Dogs affected the life of you and/or your dogs?

Feel free to share your story with us any


We wish everyone an exciting and joyful New Year!


Cornelia Kluck or Connie

Thank you to OneMind Dogs and all their amazing coaches to help us train our dogs and facilitate our understanding of dog's natural behaviour! It is wonderful to be a premium member, I am so grateful to everyone! Happy New Year to everyone at OMD!

1 year, 5 months ago

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