Happy Memories From The OneMind Dogs California Seminars

End of February some of the leading Finnish OneMind Dogs Coaches started their trip to California to finally kick of the long planned OneMind Dogs California Seminars on 1st of March.

Based on all the feedback from participants, the first four days of the two-part event were a success, filled with lots of learning, positive spirit, supportive and encouraging environment as well as meeting old friends and making many new ones.

Vicki Case was one of the many participants. She had travelled all the way from Australia to attend the seminars with her friend Stacy Richards, a OneMind Dogs Instructor Trainee. The ladies had been planning their California adventure for months, and according to them, the trip was well worth all the effort!

With only a year of trialling experience under her belt Vicki had initially planned to attend as an auditor. She couldn’t believe her luck when she was offered a working spot and the chance to run the US agility champion and OneMind Dogs Coach Rachel Sanders’ super-star dog Gifted.

Vicki and Stacy are soon heading back to Australia, taking many fond memories and new friendships with them.

Vicki wrote this lovely poem that sums up their four days’ experience at the event:


They crossed the world’s largest ocean
The OneMind Dogs California 2018 seminar in their sights
After months & months of planning
They’re about to sour to new heights

So much learning awaited them
All be it at different levels
Two women; one goal
But neither of them are daredevils

Two souls; the same goal
Two spirits; the same destination
Two hearts; the same passion
Two dreams; the same adoration

Two minds; open to learning
Two friends; the same dream
Two sets of eyes; the same focus
Two Aussie gals; both of them keen

The four days passed in a flash
An awesome time was had
Experienced was gained
And leaving was sad

Friendships were forged
Parting tears were shed
Hugs were all around
Words didn’t need to be said

So farewell California
Goodbye new friends
Thank you for the memories
For us the OneMind Dogs seminar finally ends”

-Vicki Case


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Cornelia Kluck or Connielast year

You girls sure made the most of your big trip! This is so lovely to read! True OneMind Dog Moments, if I’ve ever heard or seen of any... This will help grow the OneMind Dogs community in Australia. Inspiring to read and see the passion in these girls! We cannot wait to have you two back!😘❤️🐼

Vicki CASElast year

Thank you so much for this amazing blog. A little piece of Gifted & California will go with me where ever I am - so many memories; so many firsts; so many new friends & the list goes on. Thank you OneMind Dogs for making all of it possible.

Lynn Busselast year

What a fun, educational and inspiring story! Love it and the poem! I'm sure the memories will be cherished for a long time to come!

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