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Happy Holidays - Santa Course By Kayl!

If you feel like doing some training in the Holidays, try this super fun Santa Course designed by Canadian OMD Coach Kayl McCann!

Besides the Santa Course, Kayl designed a bonus course with the same set up, so you are able to do two different exercises with one course build.

There are many ways to handle this course. These are Kayl's handling suggestions:

#1-2 Reverse Wrap or Push + Running On The Dog's Line
#3-4 Reverse V-Set
#4 Reverse Spin
#5 Running On The Dog's Line
#6 Tunnel Brake
#9-10 Rear Cross
#11-12 V-Set, False Turn or Reverse Spin
#15-16 Reverse Spin
#17-18 American Turn + Front Cross
#18 Tandem Turn + Tunnel Brake
#19 Backside Send (+ maybe Reverse Spin)
#22-23 Running On The Dog's Line
#24 Backside Send + Reverse Spin

Film your training and share the video in the forum with the OneMind Dogs pack!

You can find a printable course maps with handling suggestions here:

Merry Christmas - Have Fun Training!


Marjorie Otterson OneMind Dogs Instructor Trainee

What's an "American Turn"? Never heard this one before!

1 year, 3 months ago

Niki Drage OneMind Dogs Coach 1 year, 3 months ago

It is where you send the dog ahead to a jump while decelerating your motion to cue a turn, also called a forward send as mentioned here: you can read more about it in the forum as well:

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