Grab To Weaves [video]

Learn a handling technique called Grab to Weaves! Mastering the Grab to Weaves allows you to have a very high success rate in weave entries, no matter how challenging the setup is. This technique is particularly effective if there is an off course obstacle near the weave entry, or the surface is slippery.


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Maureen Loughney5 months ago

I may be getting too caught in the technical aspects, but I do not understand the various scenarios: "on-side entry," "off-side entry from behind", "off-side entry" and "on-side entry from behind." It matters because the accompanying map for the first video shows to do these and I want to make sure I am doing it right. Thanks!

Stacy Richards5 months ago

Hi Maureen, Where did you find the map please?

Karolyn De Graauw4 years ago

Great techniques to learn. :-)

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