Fun And Practical Howliday Gift Ideas For Your Dog

’Tis the season to spoil your loved ones! If you’re anything like us, your gift list probably includes your furry best friend(s). 

If you asked your dog what she wants the most, she’d probably tell you to never go to work again and stay at home to play and cuddle with her all day instead. Unfortunately someone usually has to pay for the dog food, so this might not be a totally realistic option for most of us!

This holiday season, we’d like to suggest a few other, tried and tested, sure-to-make-their-tails-wag gift ideas.

  • Toys are always a great gift and they can help keep your pup entertained even when the weather is bad and you can’t play outside. And the thing many dogs love most about toys is destroying them. If you have a monster chewer who is able to rip apart any toy you put in front of her, you probably want to get something extra durable. KONG toys are widely known for their durability and safety, and you can stuff many of them with delicious treats.
  • If you want to further stimulate your pup’s mind, check out other interactive options like the snuffle mat that lengthens the meal times and puts your dog’s nose and brain to work!
  • The holidays are filled with fun memories, parties, and of course, delicious treats! While it’s okay to sneak your dog a little bit of turkey or ham from the dinner table, we don’t recommend giving dogs too much human food, as it can contain a lot of sodium and fat. Bully sticks, dried sweet potato or pumpkin treats, and dried chicken strips are healthier options long term.
  • If you live in a colder climate and need to protect your dog from the elements, we warmly (sic!) recommend gifting your dog Hurtta’s parkas, jackets or overalls. You can choose from a wide range of alternatives ranging from light softshell jackets to very warm quilted coats.
  • And finally, we also have a gift idea for the agility enthusiast in your life! Treat them with a gift card to the OneMind Dogs Premium membership. You’ll save 15% on all OneMind Dogs gift cards in December. We guarantee your friend’s dog will love this gift as well!

The most important thing about the holiday season is spending time together and making memories. We hope you will all have time to do fun things with your dogs! At the end of the day, your dog will appreciate hiking, playing in the snow or practicing agility together far more than any material gift you could ever give her.

Happy Holidays!

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