Front Cross - Agility Handling Technique

Front Cross involves changing the handling side in front of your dog. You can use Front Crosses in many different situations on agility courses; you can use them on straight lines but you can also use them to cue a tight turn, as tight as 180 degrees for example.

Front Cross is one of the first handling techniques ever invented, but still one of the most difficult techniques to execute correctly. When we talk about the "correct" execution of the technique, we always mean what is correct from the dog's point of view. To be able to continue smoothly to the desired direction after the obstacle, the dog should get the necessary information about the turn well before takeoff.

Late or poorly executed Front Crosses can easily result in dropped bars, wide turns after the obstacle and falls or slips, especially in slippery conditions. That is why it is important to learn to master this technique, especially if it is a tool that you often choose out of your toolbox.


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