Sequence: Forced Front Cross To A Jaakko Turn

Did you try the Forced Front Cross sequence yet? How about doing another sequence on the same setup to practice Forced Front Crosses ending with a Jaakko Turn?

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Phil Seyer & Magic Momo3 years ago

Thanks. Thanks for that video Mikko. I think what's still missing is a description of what what steps should be taken and where the weight should initially be. In my book the name is a misnomer because the footsteps do not at all resemble the FFC, but who am I to challenge one mind dogs? What this technique has in common with FFC is that the Handler is behind the jump and is reaching out beyond the wing to entice the dog to come to a backside jump. The handler has his weight on his front foot. Then the Handler changes weight to the back foot and steps back with the foot that initially was the front foot cuing the jump with the dog side hand.

Megan Foster3 years ago

Forced front cross to jaakko turn is blending the two techniques - so instead of rotating around completing a front cross, the handler immediately cues a jaakko turn, just as you have described the weight shift and change of feet and hands.

Phil Seyer & Magic Momo3 years ago

Thanks for your reply Megan. You are quite the OMD expert.

Mikko Aaltonen3 years ago

Hi Phil, I made this short video where you can see how to use all handling elements when performing a Forced Front Cross with a Jaakko Turn: I hope it helps! :)

Phil Seyer & Magic Momo2 years ago

Thanks, Mikko, you are on my list of beloved dog agility trainers!

Phil Seyer & Magic Momo3 years ago

Is there anywhere it is explained how to merge a FFC with a JT? I've seen it only in a test question. Thanks.

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