Flick [video]

Learn a handling technique called the Flick! A Flick turns your dog away from you in a 270-360 degree circle around the wing of a jump.


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Lindy Kuisma Wang2 years ago

I would think that which technique you use depends on where the next obstacle is. Are you continuing on the same line of turning toward the direction from which you just came or turning right or left?

Niki Drage2 years ago

Yes you are correct, you have quite a few exit options with Flick, the dog can either do a complete 360 and continue the direction you came in, or you can continue laterally away from the jump or on an angle for example. As long as the dog turns away from you and wraps the wing while you continue moving forwards then it is a flick. You can also have different approaches to the jump (parallel, perpendicular, front on etc.) it is a very versatile technique

Catie Williams2 years ago

In a continuing effort to get my terms correct, can you tell me what a flick to a blind cross would be called? This would be approaching the turning obstacle on a parallel path to the obstacle. Thank you!

Niki Drage2 years ago

Hi Catie, great to hear that you are really wanting to get everything correct, in this case it is still called a Flick, just a Flick to a Blind cross. Just like a Reverse Wrap can be finished with a Blind cross or without.

Catie Williams2 years ago

Thank you for clarifying Niki!

Mary Turcin3 years ago

What is the difference between using a "Goback" or "goaround" command versus the flick?

Niki Drage3 years ago

In the Flick, you use body language to cue the technique, not a verbal. It doesn't require repetitive training for your dog to understand the technique. Also the Flick is used to turn the dog around a wing away from the handler, not just to the backside of the jump.

Phil Seyer & Magic Momo3 years ago

Very instructive. Thanks for all the details. Can't wait to use the Flick someday. It would be helpful to know when it is most useful in a course. Why would be better than say a simple backside send?

Lindy Kuisma Wang2 years ago

I would think that the technique that you pick depends on where the next obstacle is. If the obstacle before the one you flick is at 12 o'clock and the one after is at 6 o'clock do the flick. If the one after is between 11 and 1 o'clock do the send to backside.

Niki Drage2 years ago

Hi Phil, Flick is also good if you can't get to the correct side to handle a backside send or if you need a handling advantage to the next sequence of the course as Flick allows you to get away easily and stay far ahead of the dog, or if there is an obstacle blocking you from getting too close to the jump so you can't do a backside send

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