Doggy Winter Holidays, Part 1: O’ Christmas Tree

Winter Holiday time is a celebration for dogs as well but it may also cause some unexpected dangers. Be smart and plan ahead to avoid trouble and have a relaxed holiday time with your best friends.

“Not only green when summer's here,
But also when it's cold and drear.
O’ Christmas tree, O’ Christmas tree,
Thy leaves are so unchanging!”

It makes sense to have a sturdy leg for your Christmas tree so that it won’t fall down especially when you have dogs. It’s also wise to guide your dogs to play elsewhere than near the Christmas tree. The less the dogs pay attention to the tree, the better. You should put the tree in a place where it won’t cause any serious danger even if it would happen to fall down.

If you have any gnawing little puppies in your home during the winter holiday time you should pay attention to the Christmas light cords. Keep an eye on your puppy (they’ve got very sharp teeth!) and think whether you can place the electric cords out of their reach.

Real candles are a part of many people’s Christmas but they should not be left at dogs’ reach. Make sure your real outdoor candles are safe too and never leave your dogs alone in a space or area with real fire.

“Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree,
Such pleasure do you bring me!”

Happy Holidays all dogs and humans!


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