Dobo – Fun and Beneficial Fitness Training Together With Your Dog

It's often difficult to combine your own fitness training with the dog's hobbies. When you come home from work your dog is full of energy and you don’t want to leave them alone, again. Dobo is fitness training you and your dog can do together!

Dog balances on top of the ball and changes positions while the handler does abdominal muscle exercises.

Dobo is one of the most fun hobbies where both the dog and the handler get some good exercise together. The sport has been developed in Finland. Dobo is not a competitive sport which makes it even more relaxing.

The exercises develop among other things muscle strength, mobility, coordination skills and balance – both of the dog’s and the handler’s! In addition training improves the relationship and cooperation of the dog and the handler.

Improves core muscles and relationship

Dog stands on top of two balance cushions. A great exercise for the core muscles.

Many dog sports require the dog (and handler) to be fit. Dobo exercices develop especially the core muscles which act as a supporting corset when the dog is using it’s body. A fit corset makes it easier to prevent injuries and muscle pains. That makes dobo a great sport for teams that do other dog sports but it suitable for all dog owners and dogs for improving their relationship too.

Dobo equipment

At every dobo class you will be using oval shaped dobo balls and balance cushions. In addition hemisphere equipment can be used. Exercices at each class can be made to suit the team in question. It’s easy to alter the level and effectiveness of the exercices which makes it possible for anyone to join the classes.

Active dogs benefit from dobo

Dog practices a bow on top of the ball.

Doubts about the dog’s ability to concentrate are often swept away right at the start. Dobo exercices are great for active dogs as they improve the dog’s ability to concentrate. Many people have said that it’s unbelievable how much their dog’s concentration has improved thanks to dobo.

The classes are a lot of fun!

At the classes handlers practice too and meanwhile the dog’s can have a bit of a rest. Sometimes the handlers’ exercices are so much fun that laughter can be heard outside the arena! And that’s what makes dobo so much fun. The practice is for real but not serious.

Many people who try dobo will go (positively) nuts about dobo and get dobo gear to practice at home too. It makes sense to start dobo at a guided class to learn the safe and correct way to do dobo exercices. And even after that the classes are a great source of new training ideas and tips. One big plus of course in coming to classes is that training in a group is always a little bit more fun that working out alone!

OneMind Dogs Coach Anna-Maija Saharanta

Today, April 24, 2018, we’re celebrating the National Dog Day in Finland! It’s a day organized by the Finnish Kennel Club. The day’s theme this year is “Dogs bring us together”.


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