Course Walking Cruxes

From a psychological point of view there are many possibilities to blunder in your walk-through.


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Angie Sunderland5 months ago

I LOVE this topic! Learning more about mental management is something I’m do No both in sport and in my work life. Thank you for such detailed and clear articles, they are helping me succeed in my goals!

Niki Drage5 months ago

That's great to hear Angie! Did you see we are actually running an online mental management course right now:

Angie Sunderland5 months ago

I did...unfortunately I’m mot in a position to commit to another class right now. Hopefully there will be another chance next year. In the mean time these articles are helping! At my trial last weekend, I focused on the lines, the course I was running, how, when, connect and we qualified in both our runs two days in a row and in one small class of 7 dogs, we were the only dog to qualify! I was proud of our runs!!

Andrew2 years ago

Thanks Vappu. Great tips,this will be very helpful to me as course memorizing & being distracted by other people is one of my main weaknesses.

Susan Flowers2 years ago

Thank you, Vappu! A very comprehensive and wonderful article!

Marlene smith2 years ago

Very useful and awesome information! Love to read you guys philosophy behind the performance!