Some Fun With Contact-Tunnel Discrimination [video]

Holiday fun by OneMind Dogs!

Like Mother, Like Daughter :) Remember to practice Turning Back From A Tunnel before you try this one!

Have fun training!


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Emily Hurt5 years ago

Noora5 years ago

Yes, great! :) Post the youtube link to OMD Facebook and also here if you wish. Looking forward to it! :) @Emily Hurt

Emily Hurt5 years ago

We did this last night - it was very fun! Will post video soon :-)

Janita Leinonen5 years ago

@Ann Ramsay Hi Ann, after your dog knows Turning Behind the Tunnel, you don't have to teach this. No matter where the tunnel is, it always works that the dog turns behind it, if you are at least one meter behind it. We have used this skill in many different sequences in competitions.

Ann Ramsay5 years ago

After teaching 'turning back from a tunnel' to the dog, do you place the funnel as in this video? Could you explain how you begin to teach this? Thank you, loved both videos.

Catie Williams5 years ago

very nice choreography!

Sabine Westhäußer5 years ago

what a crazy idea :-))) superb !!