Coach’s Pick - Jessica Ajoux

In Coach’s Pick, we asked some OneMind Dogs Coaches to tell us which handling technique is their favourite and why and also to give you some tips on applying the technique on course. Read our quick interview with OneMind Dogs Coach Jessica Ajoux to see why she loves the Reverse Wrap!

What is your favourite technique and why?

“My favourite technique is the Reverse Wrap, it is useful because it is the best way to get a dog to wrap a jump towards you when you find yourself on the landing side of a jump.”

When did you first start using the Reverse Wrap?

“I started using it immediately after I learned it at the first OneMind Dogs seminar I went to in September 2013.”

When do you apply the Reverse Wrap on course?

“I use it every time it is needed! I use it anytime I need the dog to wrap or make a sharpish turn towards me and I am on the landing side of the jump.”

What is your best tip for applying the Reverse Wrap?

“Take your eyes to the landing point once the dog has committed to the back side of the jump.“

What sort of dog and handler team is the Reverse Wrap suited to?

“I think the Reverse Wrap is a technique that works for all teams.”

Jessica was competing at the European Open this year. Watch a video of a course where she chose to perform two Reverse Wraps:

As a OneMind Dogs Premium member you can start learning the Reverse Wrap today:

  1. Visit the technique video to learn the technique with your dog.
  2. Watch the Next Level episode for the Reverse Wrap for a fun sequence to practice this technique.
  3. The Reverse Wrap also featured in one of our free training sequences recently!

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