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Challenge Club Is Here – Join The Fun!

Mary Champagne, a OneMind Dogs instructor trainee in Connecticut has been teaching agility for several years. While she loves being an instructor she had been missing the ability to train with her own dogs more regularly and get feedback from others.

After achieving a long-term dream of setting up her own teaching facility The Agility Facility in June, Mary came up with an idea of how to make even more out of her OneMind Dogs Premium membership. She decided to start a OneMind Dogs Challenge Club. This is a fun, weekly session where OneMind Dogs Premium members can get together to practice a specific course and get support and feedback from each other.

There is no official format or structure to follow and the team members can decide between themselves on which course they would like to work on each week.

“As an agility instructor, it’s nice to not just teach but also get feedback from your students”

Mary’s Challenge Club soon attracted a lot of interest from other OneMind Dogs enthusiasts in the region. She’s had people travel from as far as couple of hours away to attend the sessions!

A typical session with Mary’s team is about three hours long and starts with setting up the course and gathering around a big screen to watch the day’s challenge video together. After taking notes and discussing how to approach the challenge everyone gets to have a go whilst being filmed by others. The last part of the session is spent by watching and analysing the videos together over potluck snacks.


Get a team together and start your own OneMind Dogs Challenge Club

Once the word about Mary’s Challenge Club success was out, there has been a lot of interest from other OneMind Dogs members on how to get involved.

We would love you to consider starting your own Challenge Club! The way you run the sessions is up to your team. You can even set up a club online; a great option for those who live more remotely with no other premium members nearby.

Once there are more teams across different regions Mary is hoping the teams can also start challenging each other!

To find out more and share ideas you can now join the Challenge Club discussion on the forum. For any other questions or enquiries about the Challenge Club you can also email Mary on



Cornelia Kluck or Connie

This is such a brilliant idea! I wish that we didn't have the tyranny of distance in Australia 🇦🇺 - let alone the geographical isolation from the rest of the world 🌎!

9 months, 2 weeks ago

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