Calming Down

Your puppy will know how to calm down when needed and he won’t waste all his energy by focusing on everything that is going on around him. This skill is especially useful later to help your dog relax at trials so he has more energy left for focusing on his trial performance.


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Scott5 months ago

Such an important topic but showing the end behavior of a dog who can hold a treat on his nose is different than showing what steps you took to get there. I think most people watching the early exercises would really struggle to get these behaviors with a puppy as ther is not enough info on process to get there. Teaching, mistakes, troubleshooting info would be useful here.

Nicole Levesque5 months ago

Hi Scott and Wendy! You can start with a low value treat that your dog likes but won't go over board for. Dry cookies work pretty well. Before you attempt this your dog should have a pretty good sit and some idea about holding the position. You can then approach the dog's head with the treat. Keep moving towards the dog as they hold still but if they move for the treat you can just move your hand away. With some really energetic puppies I will build the behavior by giving rewards for them being still even if the cookie is not close yet. You can use a marker work or click them for being still. Then you can build duration of the stillness and keep moving the cookie forward. You can first just touch the nose with the cookie, mark it and feed and then build to leaving the cookie there for a split second and release the dog. Once the dog understands that they need to hold still and wait for the release you can build more duration and take the show on the road! Have fun playing with it!!!!

Wendy Roydhouselast year

Is there any more explanation of the treat on nose game? My dog just grabs the treat as it approaches his face.

Gillian Lauder2 years ago

Hello, Instead of the music it would be good to hear what the trainers are saying

Olivia Sands2 years ago

I absolutely love this video, probably one of the most important for me, as my 20 month old border collie goes absolutely mental when she is close to other dogs playing and mainly doing agility (you can imagine what a nightmare that queueing or waiting for our turn is!). What is the suggestion on how to start these sort of training with her (given she is no longer a puppy)? Especially exercises 1-4; if there is another dog doing exercises around, she can not keep focus on myself, toy or food, at all! Help!!

Sara Malmqvist2 years ago

Hi, I would try and increase the distance to the distraction to one that your dog can handle. When you find a good distance you can slowly build up to getting closer to the distraction. Set your dog up for success by making it manageable. :)

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