Calming Down, part 2

Many dogs get so excited about agility that instead of motivating them, we will need to teach them to calm down.


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Phil Seyer & Magic Momolast year

Moira, research shows that this behavior will pass in time. Just keep doing to lots of real trials, simulated trials (Fun Matches) or classes with full course running exercises. It is a matter of natural adaptation. Also, I suggest you develop YOUR OWN mental toughness program so you stay excited, but not nervous. Dogs can somehow sense our nervousness because we give off fear smells. See: -- another tip -- walk your dog around everywhere and often before the actual trial. This alone can do wonders. It helps your dog adapt to the environment.

Moira Plowman last year

I can keep my kelpie calm in a queue I can throw a ball over a jumperiod & he won't get it until I give him permission, I can lay him down in the exercisen area where dogs are chasing balls but as soon as I go to take his lead off at the start of a competition he completely loses it. I practice & practise & it only happens in competition then he starts nipping at me. HELP please