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CCC... Sequence – Free Exercise And Course Map!

Simple sequences with just a few jumps and a tunnel are the best way to practice applying handling techniques on a dog agility course and to see how the combination of the Three Cs - Connect, Commit, Cue - actually work. Try this exercise and find out which handling option works best for you and your dog!

Try this:

  • Lead out between #1 and #2
  • Send your dog to tunnel #3
  • Do a Front Cross between jumps #4 & #5
  • Do a backside send to jump #6 and then a Front Cross between jumps #6 & #7
  • Do a Reverse Wrap to a Blind Cross on #8 and send your dog to the tunnel from your left side.

Question 1:
Think about the approach to jump #7 from your dog's perspective. How can you help your dog to the correct line from #7 to #8 ?

Question 2:
What is the number 1 thing to remember when your dog comes out of tunnel #3 ?

There are a variety of ways to handle this sequence, and the same option won’t be the best one for all dog and handler teams. What kinds of options did you come up with? Which option worked best for you and your dog and why?

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Phil Seyer & Magic Momo

I would love to see an example by a OMD coach running this course.

2 years, 3 months ago

Niki Drage OneMind Dogs Coach 1 year ago

Here you go!

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