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Building Obstacle Focus

Did you know that dogs will move in the direction in which they are looking at?

Imagine a situation where you are trying to send your dog to a tunnel, for example. If the dog is looking at the tunnel when you release him, he is much more likely to enter it, than if he is looking at you when you release him.

When the dog can focus on obstacles well, it is easier for the handler to get into position for handling the next sequence. This is extremely important especially when the handler's speed is much slower than the dog's. When your dog is able to perform the obstacles independently, you are even allowed to make some minor mistakes!

Teaching the dog to focus on the obstacles can be a fun game! As a OneMind Dogs premium member, you can get some tips to your training from the following videos:

Remember though, that it is important to keep a balance between obstacle focus and handler focus. Learn more about following the handling:

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