Black Friday & Cyber Monday SALE 2017

Welcome to the OneMind Dogs Black Friday & Cyber Monday SALE! 

Cyber Monday Deals – EXPIRED

These deals are available only on Cyber Monday, November 27, 2017.


Black Friday Weekend Deals – EXPIRED

These deals will only be available on Black Friday weekend, November 24-26, 2017.

OneMind Dogs Merchandise Deals with Clean Run: The code BLACKOMD will be valid starting at 6 a.m. EDT on Friday, Nov 24 and will be turned off at 8 a.m. EDT on Sunday morning, Nov 26.


Win a online class & Premium membership worth $500

Join our Facebook event! We’re giving away cool surprise gifts to the participants of the event, including the top-prize worth $500 USD: a FREE ONLINE CLASS including personal feedback from a OneMind Dogs Coach as well as a 6 months Premium membership with OneMind Dogs!







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Hilary Cross2 years ago

Hi can I ask what the renewal rate is if you have been a member for 2 years? Just worked out I would save 0.02 euros a month I think, on doing it early on Black Friday ! ( on the 12 months with 3 months free) . not sure if I have worked that out correctly! Planning to renew- just working out when!

Niki Drage2 years ago

Hi Hilary! Great to hear that you would like to renew! The 12+3 deal ends up saving you 88 EUR compared to buying the normal 12 month membership. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss your individual membership. :)

Corinna Giezendanner2 years ago

Let's see what the cyber Monday brings - my birthday ;-)

Cornelia Kluck or Connie2 years ago

When is Niki’s Handling Solutions 3 coming out? 😄❤️🐼

Barbara Stephens2 years ago

Totally with you, Connie! I'm still figuring out how to get to Australia! 😁

Niki Drage2 years ago

Haha one day maybe!! Barbara you’re most welcome to come over 😍

Georgia Denham2 years ago

Such fun looking at these deals each day. Can't wait for Friday.

Marika Kelokari2 years ago

Very nice to hear that! :)

Pam White2 years ago

My premium membership is due to expire on 13th January. 2 questions! 1) is there a reduced rate for renewals ? And 2) If I take the Black Friday deal can I get it to run on from my renewal date in January ? or will it start have to start this weekend?

Marika Kelokari2 years ago

Hi Pam and thanks for the great questions! 1) We offer a reduced rate for renewals but I highly recommend extending your Premium membership with one of our Black Friday Deals as you'll save even more with that offer! 2) When you purchase the Black Friday deal it will first look like your old and new Premium membership overlap. This will be automatically fixed on the week after Black Friday though! To sum it up: Yes, you can buy the Black Friday deal now and it will start after your current Premium membership period has expired :)

Pam White2 years ago

Thanks Marika, that's awesome ! Can't wait to get dealing! ;-)

Barbara Stephens2 years ago

Where would I find the expiration date? or now the new expiration date since I just renewed on Black Friday?

Niki Drage2 years ago

Hi Barbara! You can see your expiration dates in your dashboard by clicking "subscriptions"

Anne Scrimgeour2 years ago

Feeling a little bummed as I had to renew my membership on the weekend because it was expiring, was waiting for the sale as know it always had a bonus for 12mths. Oh well luck of the draw,😩

Marika Kelokari2 years ago

Don't worry Anne, you've been a loyal member of the OneMind Dogs pack so there's a surprise for you in your profile ;)

Anne Scrimgeour2 years ago

Thanks guys👍👍👍👍👍👍

Suzi Ironmonger2 years ago

Whole lot of OMD fans excitedly waiting for the special deals!!

Niki Drage2 years ago


Kandy Robinson2 years ago

How to book a seat at the foundations seminar.?

Niki Drage2 years ago

Hi Kandy, the registrations will be opened on Black Friday. All the deals above are available on Black Friday weekend only, not before :)

Meghan Smith2 years ago

Nice teaser, Niki!! ;) Will be logged on first thing Friday morning.

Judy Zelenewych2 years ago

I will be there...time to start my puppy on Foundatiions!!!!

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