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A rare opportunity to learn from some of the best

We recently gave away free auditor spots for Tuulia and Timo Liuhto’s seminars on the OneMind Dogs US Tour. In return, the auditors were asked to report their experience on social media. Elayne Fletcher from Boulder, Colorado, was one of the lucky auditor reporters.

Elayne has been doing agility for eighteen years. She currently has a 5-year-old chiweenie mix and a brand new 12-week old Border Collie puppy. Elayne was originally introduced to OneMind Dogs through her agility friends. She has been playing around with the OneMind Dogs handling techniques for a few years, but this was the first time she attended one of our seminars.

Elayne writes about the experience on her personal blog: “The 2 instructors - Tuulia and Timo - switched rings mid-day so everybody got to experience both instructors. And this caused me my first case of FOMO (fear of missing out) in a very long time. Do I audit only the masters or only the advanced sessions and experience both instructors or do I pick an instructor and audit both levels?“

In the end, Elayne decided to focus only on Tuulia's masters ring for the morning session and go over to Timo's ring for afternoon masters. “This turned out to be a good strategy because the handling moves covered weren't all that different between the levels and I was glad to experience both instructors and see the more complicated courses,” she concludes.

Elayne couldn’t help but wonder how it would have gone for her if she had had a dog to run: “The seminar did allow auditors to run their dogs on the courses during the lunch break so if I'd brought a dog with me I could have given it a go but I have no dogs at this level at the moment. Still it's good to keep up my knowledge even if I don't have a way to practice it at the moment. And it's good to see where I'm headed so I have an idea of foundation work to focus on.”

All in all, Elayne had a great day and a great experience, even though her sore ankle was acting up in the afternoon. “This was a rare opportunity to learn from some of the best so it was worth a bit of discomfort!”


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