Agility Handler's Birthday Surprise!

Watch what happens when one knows the OneMind Dogs method and is suddenly "thrown" into the ring with a strange, large dog!

Timo Puusaari turned 50 on 26th February 2017. His wife Sari Puusaari organized him a surprise birthday party – at an agility competition of course, as they're both very passionate agility handlers!

Normally Timo competes with small dogs, Parson Russell Terriers. As a birthday surprise he had to run with OMD Coach Janita Leinonen's Border Collie Fu. He had couple of minutes to recover from the shock before the walk through. Fu was starting as the eighth dog of her class, so not too much time after the walk through either.

Timo and Fu came second after OMD Coach Jaakko and Dao! Janita was amazed by the trust and connection they had on the course. What a perfect extreme experience and a great start of surprises! Happy birthday Timo!!!


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Cornelia Kluck or Connie2 years ago

That was great to watch! Congratulations to 2nd place, especially that it took Jaakko and Dao to beat you! Happy Birthday, Timo!🍾🎉🎊🎁🎂