Agility Fever: 3 Agility Athletes To Follow On Social Media Right Now - Part 2

This is the second part in our blog series, where we highlight successful agility athletes who are driving the sport forward and inspiring the agility community. Read the first part of our series.

These are the three influencers you should follow on social media right now!


Tereza Králová

Who? Tereza is a fantastic handler from the Czech Republic, who trains a high level of obstacle skills. She has the perfect balance of obstacle and handler focus with her dogs. Watching Tereza and her dog Say is always inspiring and their running contacts are also a lot of fun to see!

Why should I follow her now? Tereza and Say won the FCI Agility World Championship in the large category in October. OneMind Dogs congratulates them both!

Where can I follow her? Follow Tereza on YouTube. Start by watching a video of what it took for Tereza and Say to win the Agility World Championship!



Nicola Giraudi

Who? Nicola is one of our amazing OneMind Dogs Coaches from Italy. And he loves to compete! He truly enjoys big shows. The bigger the pressure, the better he handles. He never stops trying even when things seem impossible. “The more you tell me I'm not going to be able to do something, the more you're motivating me to keep trying until I'll eventually succeed. Cause it can't rain forever!”

Why should I follow him now? Nicola made us proud once again by winning the bronze medal in the Individual Large class at the FCI Agility World Championships with his Border Collie Eira. Huge congratulations!

Where can I follow him? Nicola has a YouTube channel with a lot of footage from agility courses around the world. You can also follow him through his Facebook page. Here you can see Nicola and Eira achieve the bronze medal in the FCI Agility World Championships!



Stas Kurochkin

Who? Stas is a Russian agility athlete, who has built beautiful connection and trust with his dogs. He knows their commitment and obstacle skills very well and is able to progress through an agility course with great efficiency as a result.

Why should I follow him now? Stas’s runs are confident, efficient and awe inspiring to watch. Learn and get inspired by following him!

Where can I follow him? Stas is also on YouTube. Get to know him by watching him compete with his Border Collie at the IFCS World Agility Championship 2017!




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