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Agility Fever: 3 Agility Athletes To Follow On Social Media Right Now - Part 1

This is a monthly series, where we highlight top trainers, coaches and handlers, who are influencing and inspiring others in the agility community.

There are many talented agility athletes, who are sharing their passion for the sport on social media. By following them you can learn, grow and get inspired on your own agility journey!

These are the top 3 agility influencers we suggest you check out this month.


Mikko Aaltonen

Who? Mikko is a Leading OneMind Dogs Coach and also known as “the gentleman of agility”. Mikko is a true team player, who always supports and encourages everyone else. He is humble, precise and likes to stay organized. Mikko’s way of handling is smooth and technically perfect. He has been competing on an international level for years and has won the ultimate prize: he is an Agility World Champion (2003 FCI Agility World Championships, Lievin, France).

Why should I follow him now? Mikko is currently teaching seminars in the US together with Leading OneMind Dogs Coach Mari Kaplas. He is busy meeting OneMind Dogs members and publishing videos from his tour!

Where can I follow him? Mikko has an excellent Youtube channel full of inspiring training videos. Mikko’s precise handling is both beautiful and inspiring to watch - also on video. Check out his recent clean runs in the US!


Anne Lenz

Who? Anne is a highly successful agility athlete, who puts emphasis on teaching great obstacle skills. Her training of running contacts is highly regarded worldwide. Anne has trained her dogs to a very high level and clearly has a very strong connection and relationship with them. Everyone can see this when she competes with her dogs - often at a world class level.

Why should I follow her now? Anne placed second with her dog Itzi in category large in the European Open this July. OneMind Dogs congratulates Anne and Itzi!

Where can I follow her? Follow Anne on Youtube. Start by watching how Anne and Border Collie Chi won the Agility Individual World Championship 2016.


Silvia Trkman

Who? Silvia is well known for her happy and carefree spirit, which reflects strongly in her training and also her relationship with her dogs. Silvia is full of energy and passion for her dogs! She puts a strong emphasis on trick and foundation training on the road to Agility. Silvia has trained many different dogs to the top level in world class agility, while still emphasizing the importance of having fun with her dogs. She is widely admired in the agility world for both of these abilities!

Why should I follow her now? Silvia won the medium category in the European Open with her Pyrenean Shepherd Le in July. Huge congratulations to Silvia and Le!

Where can I follow her? Follow Silvia on YouTube. Check out exciting footage with her dogs Le and To from the European Open!