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Join #100gooddeedsforagility And Thank a Fellow Agility Enthusiast

Would you like to give thanks to someone who has cheered you in competitions, helped at your agility club, or maybe worked as your coach or mentor? Here is your chance; #100gooddeedsforagility is gathering all the good deeds in the agility community under one social media hashtag.

The driving source behind the campaign is a Finnish agility club called Helsingin Agility Urheilijat. But this campaign is by no means confined to Helsinki or even Finland. All agility enthusiasts around the world are invited to join the action on social media.

The aim of the campaign is to improve the image of dog agility and bring forward the good deeds within the agility community. It’s all about celebrating the good spirit and accomplishments of agility enthusiasts around the world.

OneMind Dogs is a proud sponsor for the campaign. Helsingin Agility Urheilijat will be giving gifts to some of the hashtag users. If you decide to participate, you might get a gift card from OneMind Dogs or one of the other sponsors!


How to participate

Make a public post on Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #100gooddeedsforagility. Let the world know what someone else in the agility community has done for you, your team or club.

We hope you’ll join the action and start sharing your stories of all the fantastic people you’ve worked with in your agility career!


Stacy Richards OneMind Dogs Instructor


1 year, 2 months ago

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