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Private Online Agility Lesson With Anna Eifert

Hungarian Anna Eifert is one of the world’s most appreciated agility athletes with a long agility career and lots of experience on teaching and handling different breeds of dogs. OneMind Dogs Premium members can now book “a private lesson” with Anna and get her personal feedback on competition, training or any other dog agility videos!



This is how it works!

  1. You post a video of 5-10 minutes along with your questions or comments to a closed section on the OneMind Dogs discussion forum.
  2. Anna watches your video and analyzes your performance in detail.
  3. Anna replies to you at the forum within 1 week. She posts her comments about your video, answers your questions and tells which Premium content you should study next.

Afterwards you can post another video of your performance after Anna’s feedback and Anna will comment on it briefly.

The price of one personal feedback is EUR 65 (approximately USD 78).


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Observer spots

At OneMind Dogs we appreciate constant learning and learning from others. That is why other OneMind Dogs Premium members will be able to see your and Anna’s posts at the OneMind Dogs Forum. They will not be able to join your conversation though.

All Premium members have a front row seat to see how the slight changes in the handling affect the dog’s behavior. You will get to see first hand what the three C’s - Connection, Commitment, Cue - mean in practice and how easy it is for the dogs to read the course when the handler knows what to do.


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Anna is here for you

This is the perfect learning solution for you who need personal guidance by a OneMind Dogs Coach but don’t have one near you! Anna has tons of experience on helping OneMind Dogs handlers and their dogs online as well as in her live trainings. She’s known for her smile and patience with her students, but she’s also the “crazy one”! Learn more about Anna here.



The price of one (1) personal feedback is EUR 65 (approximately USD 78).


Buy a lesson with Anna!


What do Anna's students say about her?

"I have been working with Anna Eifert going on 7 years. I love working with her. She has a great eye for the smallest details, and has helped me become a much better handler because of it. There are a few techniques I struggled with, with my very fast sheltie. Because of Anna, she has helped me understand how to cue, so my dog understands it easily. She is very patient, very clear in her explanations, and truly loves her job. She is truly excited when we do something we have struggled with and finally get it. I have worked with her for years, but she shows the same enthusiasm for teams she has just met, as well as ones she has worked with many times." - Shari King, USA 

"I train with Anna because I always feel that she really wants to share her knowledge with us, and teaches with all her heart. She keeps calm and encourages me even if I arrive to the training after a stressful workday and I’m a bit lack of patience. She notices even the smallest things that I should change to improve our performance. Since I train with OneMind Dogs, my relationship with my GSD has changed a lot, both of us find a lot more joy in practicing together. We have developed a lot, not only in carrying out the techniques, but Anna also helped me to think my goals over so I could let go a bunch of negative thoughts." - Halasi Hella, Hungary

"I have known and taken instruction from Anna for over 8 years. Anna has an incredible eye for details and has a great understanding of dog training. My dogs and I have always taken away so much information from each time we train with Anna. Anna has a wonderful way of knowing exactly what each dog and handler need to become more successful. Anna also has a thorough understanding of the OneMind Dogs methodology, as an assistant coach, this is extremely important to me to further my training and knowledge. I never hesitate for an opportunity to train with Anna and always recommend that my students train with Anna any opportunity they get." - Ivette White, USA

“Anna is a highly competent coach, and her attention to detail combined with her study recommendations are fabulous. I am still going over her notes to make sure that I have it all covered. This type of learning gives me a lot of discipline to work on my weaknesses. I love her sense of humor! She’s worked Panda out, and that he can read numbers." - Cornelia Kluck, Australia