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The 10 Commandments of Agility exist to help you become an even better handler for your dog. Now all our Premium members can download a free eBook about The 10 Commandments.

This eBook is a real treasure that you can keep with you forever! You can always come back to it if you are experiencing some issues with agility. Just check whether you're following the commandments and they will help you to improve your performance as a handler.

You may already be familiar with The 10 Commandments of Agility but we've rephrased everything for the eBook, added real life examples, exercises and made it even easier to understand!

Read the eBook and you will be many steps closer to becoming the best possible agility handler for your dog!

Plus a theme poster!

Our Premium members can also download a complimentary printable poster of The 10 Commandments of Agility with their eBook.


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We hope you love your complimentary eBook and theme poster! These are yours to keep forever. We've noticed that reading The 10 Commandments of Agility from time to time reminds you of the things that are truly important when you run with your dog. Or as OneMind Dogs handler Liza Buckner put it "The 10 Commandments of Agility are the heart and soul of OneMind Dogs".


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Don’t worry, just Go Premium and we will send you The 10 Commandments of Agility eBook download link immediately after your purchase.

As a Premium member you will also of course enjoy all our wonderful Premium membership benefits such as unlimited access to 300+ dog agility training lessons!


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